13:05 (01:05 PM)

Heyy ♥

My original plan was to write, vote, smoke some (I quit from December 9th until the day before I reopened my diary), write, eat and sleep. But my mother has asked me to join her for lunch like 30 minutes ago, and I can’t say no to good quality foods. Especially not when I’m hungry… 

It’s a lot harder for me to get out of bed, now that I feel my time to write vanish into thin air, and the load of shitty conversation that’s ahead of me. 

But I have to get out of bed, to be ready in time (which is tough, since it’s at least 20 minutes to travel there, I still need to shower and I said that I could make 13:30). I wasn’t done laking yet, so I couldn’t get up before this. And I had to share my shitty feeling with you. Who else can I share it with 🙁 . I’m going to take a shower xxx


14:47 (02:47 PM) 

I’m very near the metro stop near my parents’ house now. Actually, it’s “my house”, too. But in a house in which I would have a real voice, I wouldn’t allow any snakes inside 🙂 . 

So I’m going to vote, eat the food I took with me, smoke some while my parents are at their therapist in Amsterdam, and then head back to my grandma’s place and hope that Jamiro hits me up… 


15:10 (03:10 PM) 

I just voted haha… 

For the water authorities

Indirectly for “the First Chamber”


It was very calm at the voting bureau. I was expecting to stand in line, but I didn’t have to. 

What my policy would be? This. And my voters would/will be my beneficiaries.


16:00 (04:00 PM) 

I’m going to play some piano and then continue writing for The Hypothesis. 

I hope you’re having a great day 🙂 xxx


16:15 (04:15 PM) 

Online stemmen tellen¿


20:00 (08:00 PM)

My parents will bring takeout dinner along for me, to “our” home. It has been quite a while since I laid in my own bed, by myself. December 30th was the last day I slept in my own bed¿ 

I couldn’t help but take a little nap…