15:01 (03:01 PM)  I’m eating some left over noodles now. After this, I’ll cycle to the Polak building (or the other one? I find that building prettier. It was closed last time, though) and try to finish as much as possible from the statistics assignment, until I meet a Cuddle in the city center. He bought me a pregnancy test… Because of my work hours and fatigue, I haven’t had time to do this. (Also, I just don’t want to know…… (Unless it’s good news hahahaha. Good news = keeping my freedom lol. It sounds fucking freaky, having an abortion… (But when I said “No, you don’t have to…”, I was aware of the risk I was taking. Aware, but not consciously feeling the fear I don’t want to feel…))   It was the heat of the moment, after spontaneously kissing this Cuddle, and this becoming more and more intense, which made me answer “no” to the question if I want to use protection. The chance I’d climax using a condom was way too small,  and if I don’t climax, I won’t be able to sleep…  21:00 (09:00 PM)  I forgot my laptop charger… I finished question one to five. Now only question 6 is left. I think I’m going to write down the financial plan. I need to finish my test before 11 pm to have enough time to make a pdf file (since I write my answers down on paper and still need time to copy-paste everything (including my Minitab worksheets) into one Word-document and then convert it). I’ll do this at home. (Haha my boyfriend said I shouldn’t start every sentence with I. But it’s so easy………………))). 22:19 (10:19 PM)  A moment of silence for the times I didn’t take the shortest route home from the city center. It’s “over campus” ahaha… How do you end up in the situation where you are in a bus that arrives on campus around 09:30 pm? Haha caaattttttttt (^  3 ^)…      ^      ^        (^3^) 22:51 (10:51 PM) 

Time zone cheattt (for me, it’s an hour later…)

The funny thing about of all of this is that “I don’t know what I’m writing down” “haha”.