01:57 (AM) 

As I’m typing this, I’m making a tour for (new) visitors. Step 3 will bring you here! This is my online diary, where I mention what’s on my mind and what I’m doing and/or the things I see (with pictures and/or videos), very frequently. By following it, you become part of my life. I hope you will! 😻

Whenever you’re reading a recent diary post, when you refresh the page, you could see a new update. I start every update with the time I started to write it.

I’m going to continue working on your tour! xxx


03:37 (AM) 

I’m doneee with configuring the tour! Ah meoww it sucks that my writing isn’t profitable enough to live from [yet…? I’m currently still working without investors (and experts), who seem crucial]. I’ve spent all of yesterday looking at vacancies… 

Even though I’m a very fast learner (so fast that I, when it’s school, postpone learning to the veryyy last moment, and either pass or still fuck up), pick up on things very easily and give my all when I say I will (and sign a contract to seal it), I don’t qualify for much… But I’d make a good (for experience’s sake non-very supervisory) redactor. Or assistant… Or both… 😀 

Today, I’m going to finish my plan B article, so that I stay on track with my continuing  research, for which I’m very excited 😀 . I’ll be spending great percentages of my salary on books, haha….. (Fam, I should be sponsored for this x_x.)

Yay to today’s writing 😀 . 

I’m going to brush my teeth and go to sleep. Shout out to the days on which my sleeping pattern will be normal 😀 

Good night 

I love you