11:44 (AM) 

Good morning ♥

I hope you’re having a good day, as usual 🙂 . I wish we could do something fun together. Then my days would be good as well.

Meoww my throat is so swollen and painful that eating, drinking and speaking hurt like crazy, and my airways sometimes get blocked when I try to sleep 🙁 . 

But lucky enough, I’m well rested enough to work on (and hopefully complete) my admission. 

Even though I’m actually not feeling good enough to go outside, I’ll (have to, for the sake of surviving this pain) buy some ginger, mint, lemons and garlic. The garlic I need for the “paneered” shrimp I’ll prepare later. 

I’m going to get ready and stuff xxx

Meoww I feel a bit un-cuddle for not telling you that I love you, these past two days 🙁 .