02:29 (AM) 

Chapter one is done! 😀 I have the full concept for the book in mind already. I’ve been having it in mind for quite some time already, as you might have read. All I need to do, is write it down. And make a better promotional image for it… 

I hope you’ll love it! I hope our Volta’s will make our paths intertwine. I hope it will sell, because I’m such a poor catje 🙁 . 

Haha indirectly, the book is also there to induce people to make a career shift and become a publicist 😀 . Volta encourages you to write! Meoww after sleeping and stuff, I’ll continue. 

If I write one chapter a day, I should be done writing on the 27th, haha. But the introduction always requires more energy and time to go over the content and change around the structure et cetera, because it’s a brief explanation of all that will be touched on later. In the chapters that follow, I can really let myself go. But the time and quantity don’t matter. As long as the message and (thus), more importantly, the definition of your Volta [usually a shift in a poem, but in this context, a shift in your life] is clear! Meoww I hope my uni and ANWB Graeyniss(is) will read it 😻. 

I’m off to bed!♥

Good night♥

I love you♥


20:22 (08:22 PM) 

Hi ♥

It’s going quite all right with the writing of Volta (part one). I worry a little about the clarity of my method in practice. In the first chapter, I describe my method of self-reflection and how this should be prepared for a Volta. (Your Volta, if you want one 🙂 .)

In the second chapter, I start with explaining the situation of my own Volta, showing the (continuance of the) method in practice. But I don’t show my initial self-reflection. Maybe I should… Maybe that’s what I should turn it in to. Yep. That will be a lot clearer. Okayyy hahaa, my doubt is fixed… (Sucks that I have no Graeyniss advisors 😋.)

Soo I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow, but I’m going to go outside, because I’ve been inside for I don’t even know how many days straight now, and I want to do something useful, while breathing in some outside air. (Outside car fumes… x_x) It makes me slightly wish that I have a full-time job – since, apparently, that’s all that I can earn with. But still, I just won’t survive superficial colleagues x_x. I feel like taking the train to Rotterdam, now that I have something to spend (towards my limit). But I have nothing to do there. Like I have nothing to do here. 

Every time I see that I have a new e-mail, my heart goes to tachycardia level over 9000. Only to see that it’s some fashion or business related newsletter. Haha a Graeyniss mail could either lead to me starting to think I’m happy 😀 .What should I wear, to look representative and subtly sexy? or I’ll be getting ready for either suicide or a future behind a desk at the ANWB. 

Meoww, at first, I thought that having Volta finished and released, when I might be invited for an interview about becoming an apprentice Graeyniss, could be considered something positive. (My attitude towards humanity isn’t very positive in it, though.) But meoww I would rather be Graeynissed even before I’ve released it. Then I have a reason to get on that train 😀 . 

But meoww I don’t have that reason, so I’ll bravely finish my book – please help me provide for myself haha ah meoow – and market it, while hoping for change. 

I’ll be writing xxx