12:38 (PM) 

Good afternoon 🙂 ♥

I just finished my first meal of the day

My body feels less weak than yesterday, but weaker than the day before that.  I don’t feel strong enough to go for a walk, later, but I’m going so crazy from being indoors all of the time. I want to move some. So I might still just do it. 

But first… I’ll take a short nap on the couch… 🙁 My level and frequency of fatigue are insane :'(. Love you xxx


13:03 (01:03 PM) 

Change of plansss. I find myself too smelly to lay on a couch that is not mine. So I’ll be showing firsttt… 


18:01 (06:01 PM) 

I decided to draw today



I’m almost donee but part of the fam came home and we’re about to have dinner now. Meoww two days until I hopefully have some better health…


18:59 (06:59 PM) 

This is where I was before around dinner:

The black has a sort of confusing effect, because it was used to outline and for facial features, but I think that will be less, when I’m done

Meoww I can barely keep my eyes open. My chest pains are appearing more frequently, too 🙁 . I’m glad I only have to entertain my weakened self for one more day, tomorrow, and then Friday we’re already heading to Germany. 

In case I fall in a deep sleep that takes me overnight 

Good night

I love you 

xxx –