I’m using a time cheat here, since I’ll be telling you about Wednesday…

00:55 (12:55 AM) [May 24]
My Cuddleee
How was your day?
Mine was… Impulsive.
I have to check out on the 25th, so I had to decide on where to go next. My final destination is Los Angeles, but my budget is too low to get there, unfortunately.
I was planning this road trip, but after I had decided on what cities to stop in, I wanted to see the rental prices and saw it was way too expensive for me.

The area I’m staying at now is so secluded, I decided my next location has to be more lively. Then, at least I can take pictures and maybe meet new people. Hopefully I’ll find more potential subjects. I’ll be able to start my project, when, by selling books etc., I have earned enough to fund it. It’s an independent and unbiased project, which is why I prefer to fund it myself.

Selling my products is now more important than ever. I won’t be able to pay for the motels, hotels and airbnb’s I’ll be staying at, if I don’t start generating more income.

I just wanted you to know this. I really reallllyyyy REALLY don’t like asking for money, but now I really have to. Please help me…

(Haha and happy one year of Head Cuddle anniversary <3. Cat meee. I love you.) I'm going to handwash my clothes now, take a shower and go to sleep. Good night, my love xxx