17:03 (05:03 PM)

Good afternoon

18:14 (06:14 PM)

I want to tell you so much, but every time I’m sitting next to someone and they keep looking at my phone screen. The top of the screen I’m writing on says “LilFangs.com” and I don’t want them to visit that URL (before I have left the country for good). 

Hmm I’ll just make a note on my phone and then copy and paste the text. I also still need to make a new YouTube account, by the way. I need a holiday from being with these people, because I have 0 time for myself now. FangTime hehe. 

But first, I’ll finish my cup of tea and swim a little. (They comment on me doing everything. I was getting the feeling I was using my phone too much.)

00:23 (12:23 AM) [For those who’ve just tuned in, I consider a new day a new day after I’ve woken up. That’s why the AM is still in this post. #Fangyism]

Fleh, I haven’t been able to finish what I wanted to say today either. Tomorrow, after the rum tasting, I have the afternoon and evening to myself. Then I’ll take care of all this. Luckily I’m done with my statistics test already, though. On Saturday I need to do my mathematics test. 

We didn’t go into the forest anymore, by the way, today. Because we needed to rent a van, but it wasn’t available. They’re afraid my aunt’s car will get stolen because it’s relatively luxurious. But now we’re maybe going on Friday. 

I’m going to bed. 

Good night, my love