09:46 (AM) 

Good morning <3

I succeeded in my mission, yesterday! I’ve had a lot of spontaneous fun :D. Pictures will be uploaded später haha. 

While I was getting ready, earlier, I received a phone call, with the request if I allow someone else to claim the domain name elia-pr.info. I said “Yes.” My .com domain is only there as a memory of my first business. 

Now I’m going to finish my breakfast and then pack and check outt xxx

[Here’s a draft of the rest of what I’ve written yesterday:]

11:08 (AM) 

Meerbusch is pretty asff =0. I saw such beautiful sights, while driving there. 

And I spotted a (water¿) tower

Meoww. [I’m in the practice to the left of the pharmacy you see in front of the line of cars closest to my perspective in this picture (your perspective, too, since you’re looking at the picture ehe :D)]

I’m in the waiting room. The “funny” thing is that when the “guide” [every Dutch patient there was guided] barged in, our conversation abruptly ended. This was mid-explanation of what I exactly have, what the effects of that are and further treatment and further research to find solutions to the other health complaints I have. So when the woman at the reception asked me why I have an appointment, “Because I had an appointment with him yesterday,” was the only thing I could reply. [Why is that relevant for her to know?] 

I met a fabrics salesman from Italy, yesterday. While I was eating my dessert, he walked in and said “Hi.” He sat at the bar (you can see his shoes on the picture of my dessert). I was thinking: “He’ll be the one I’ll give my business card. But how do I start this conversation…?” 

I said: “Nice shoes :D.” And that’s how the conversation started. We spoke about so many different things. Partially in English, partially in German and partially in Italian (with me writing things and then translating them via Google translate [meoww I wish I posted

12:21 (PM) 

I just took a urine test. I maybe still have the same infection I had, when I was in the hospital last year. Chlamydia maybe wasn’t the cause of the crazy pains I was in, because in later urine tests it was gone, but I still haven’t been able to lay on my stomach ever since. It hurts. That’s why I went to the doctor after I was allowed to go outside the closed vicinity at Bavo Europoort. [After 24 hours there, I was already allowed to leave, but I didn’t want to see my parents. I was later voluntarily transferred to EMC. I hoped that I could get a second opinion. I didn’t get it [I was not allowed to involve the person who they were calling my psychosis/schizophrenia]. Even though I was there voluntarily, they didn’t let me leave. 

I still need to finish the earlier part. I’m waiting for the doctor to return¿ I hope I was supposed to go back to his office after peeing for the test¿ 

Ah yess sws, because we need to make another set of appointments ahahahahahahahaha. Finally I can get the 24 hour heart analysis I wanted. And arrange a massage focused on pressure points [I didn’t even know that that exists, but it 

Grrrr why the kanker fuck is dit nieuws? I think it’s a pretty outfit? Why the fuck do I need to see a notification of this hatred??? The news app is native in my phone, so when I delete it, it goes back to the fabrieksinstellingen