13:40 (01:40 PM) 

My Cuddle 😀 <3

How are you today? 

I handed in my first test out of three, right before I left the house. The deadline is 01:00 AM on September 13, so I found that I had the right to give myself “a day off” and write and go shopping :]. Haha “shopping”… I need a non-programmable calculator for my mathematics test. The non-programmable one I have now (but I used my programmable calculator instead of the university’s computer program for certain calculations), doesn’t show fractions the way I prefer to see them. So I’ll be buying that. I thought of purchasing the Nintendo Switch, too, but I’ll wait with that until “minimally” next month… 

14:50 (02:50 PM) 

HAHA change of plans :D. 

“LAN Tea Party?” haha #Fashionnova

Should I put click-ads on my blog? Even “big news sources” [in the Netherlands?] have ads on them… 

I’m going to make my own ads :D. Then I keep 100% of the revenue. You could get a share, if you like? 

You can sign up by filling out the new Nosce Te Ipsum. I plan on starting to write it tonight. The previously deleted Nosce Te Ipsum II Episode included a contract that would unite us. 

Beurs is trouwens geen gunstige woonlocatie als je dit in overweging neemt tegelijkertijd met de achterliggende strategie in het Deltaplan. Ik ken de Nederlandse geschiedenis niet zo goed meer? De dijken enzo worden op een gegeven moment toch oud? 

16:22 (04:22 PM) 

How much do you pay for these games in your country of residence?

It would be nice to play Nintendo together :D. 

Depending on the amount of Graeynissis? 

17:11 (05:11 PM) 

I just had a ve-ry unpleasant discussion with my mother. 

She came back home. I just installed the Nintendo Switch. 

Whatever the outcome will be (because this will be a follow-up of the previously mentioned “Ik wil zelfbeschikkingsrecht behouden en dit wordt me afgenomen omdat (EEN VAN MIJN) ouders me iets opdringt?”)……

Please be on stand-by, my Cuddle :[.

In case she calls the “acute dienst” on me again.

“Have you gone to the coffeeshop today? I notice it. You’re acting different.”

“How am I acting different?”

“It’s just different.”

“Please explain what the difference is. I feel insulted by your words and would like to know why you said this.”

Was how it started…. 

“I’ve been back on full steam since December.”

“Yes, I have been noticing that since December.”

“What (kind of “badness”) is there to notice? Before December, I was in the hospital. After December, I went back to school and have had a job. Have you seen my grades?”


“Why are we still talking about this? This has become an uncomfortable conversation.”

“Uncomfortable conversations are a part of life. I have uncomfortable conversations every day.”

“You shouldn’t have those conversations. Want a controller?”

“I actually should have…”

“Want a controller?”

“No, I don’t like video games.”

“You don’t like video games, I don’t like uncomfortable conversations. Please just let me play.”

“Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore.”


I’m going to take my mind off this for a second. This is my off day (IS WHAT I SAID).

22:51 (10:51 PM) 

Ah, prrr, my Meow

Imagine us in the colder season

All cuddled up underneath the sheets

Playing video games ( ^ 3 ^ )

We can’t be putting our minds to (literal?) “serious shit” all of the time, right?

I cooked this earlier today. A combination of coconut milk, massala and hoisin sauce, on chicken fillet for the rest of the family and on cod fish for myself. And this pre-packaged mix of cut (they call it “Thai”) vegetables. 

Today should have been the day to discuss the possible payment of my tuition. I should sign up, to stay entitled to study financing. Then I wouldn’t have to work  to pay my for my living expenses and small business investments, in the meantime. This until my products start selling enough to market / to look professional or trustworthy enough for partnerships with other sole proprietors, as an institution that is mainly concerned with research (publishing), entertainment [controversy] (also other fields that include many forms of design, IT, finance, etc). You, my Graeyniss, might not be a sole proprietor yet. But you should become one. Let’s be Cuddles :D. 

I think I should stay in school on the side, because I then have a more comfortable back up, in case my business doesn’t thrive. I’ll, then, probably still have to move out as soon as possible, though… 

Also, I prefer economics/finance related topics over statistics… Tomorrow I’ll be working on the last part of the statistics test. I’ll also have to study Maths after I finish that, and for writing Nosce Te Ipsum I need full days instead of just a few hours a day, for “getting in my zone reasons”, so the publication date will become the 31st for sure. I wanted to make it sooner [hoping that I could physically unite us and spread my wings sooner], but I also need to not put too much pressure on myself.

I wish I could cuddle my B :[. This will happen some day, right? :[ I have very often and in many ways been told to “move on”, but my love for him is way too strong… 

I’ll be playing some “Pixel Action Heroes” (reminds me of Doom) and then go to sleep

It’s funny how I currently “only know my father and sister through what my mother tells me”. Am I too eager to trust, in this case?  If she, tomorrow, decides to open fire again, and these FLEH doctors will be involved again, I hope you’d like to testify for me. I’m currently powerless against them… 

What’s the fastest way to get out of this situation? 

Good night, my Cuddle <3