The message seems not to be landing. I can’t blame you all, because it’s not a simple story/situation. Let me, in one post – after this I will really stop posting messages in this shameful online setting of mine – explain why writing a “last post” here is necessary.

Why I was Posting in the First Place

To be saved. When I started writing, I was in the midst of the worst time of my life, living with my abusive parents who let me be tortured by psychiatrists and police. I started publishing information about my life and my ideas online, because I needed to be noticed by like-minded people so that we could work together on accomplishing things together, and I could leave the hell I used to live in behind.

I’ve gone out my way as an attempt to be noticed. Instead of aiming for what I’d call “quality” (because I can’t afford that), I attempted to aim for what is “provocative”, just so I’d have a scale to tell people that my life is in danger and the more people who notice (present tense), the safer I am.

From the way, regardless where on Earth I am, people start staring and whispering things to each other, I know people know the lie that has been spread about me. You likely all get an update as soon as I post something. It breaks my heart that everyone just keeps staring and being “entertained”, while I suffer. You fucking hypocrites.

It was my intention that, when I published a book on a very low budget, along with the participants we would have set up the project. The whole process would have been fun to follow, instead of just seeing the end result. But instead my content was plagiarized, just like my policies.

Why I must Stop Posting

Instead of anyone listening to my call for help, they have used my intelligence and creativity for their own personal gain, while letting me rot. They are making profit off of me while I am starving. If their plagiarism has helped you, I’m glad I’ve been able to help you, but if I would have done it myself, it would have been done better. This will not go unpunished.

I’m done giving figurative gold away for free. Because the overall majority of people in society has no idea what it means to act out of kindness. To do something good even if you don’t get something good in return. No one notices the sacrifices I make for this. People just take what they need. I hope the people I like would like to work for me and with that (when I’m zillionaire because of that) live with me. I’m trying to provoke people I like to save me from my family.

As for the highly sexualized – with that meant to be provocative – content, I’ve done what had to be done. No one has forgotten this. But this is not who I am.

I am the mastermind behind the handful of good things you’ve seen happening, without that being acknowledged. I don’t mind being unknown to the public (though I am not), but where is my private jet? Nowhere, because I am being exploited. The next time you want me to provide ideas to improve society, you will have to pay me.

My ideas are being misused and plagiarized (I can do it better), my fake abusive mother won’t leave me alone, constitution violating psychiatrists and cops are walking around unpunished and my record still says that I am the schizophrenic. The more I write, the less my suffering seems to be noticed. That is why writing a “last post” here is necessary. You will miss me because my creativity is one of the few things that spice up your boring routinous lives. Allow me to start doing what I am actually here to do, by stopping to act as if you don’t know about my suffering.

If you prefer me to die so you can try to forget about your hypocritical behavior, then please kill me because I can’t fucking stand the awareness of this. If you prefer to cleanse your soul by giving me justice, then help me. I have drafted some people and you could be assigned a role in this mission (as well).

I urgently need to meet with my drafted Praesens. In person. (Right now this is the only way in which I can summon anyone. Literally he has to read this and take action however possible. (Corona fascism is making this more difficult.))

We have work to do. Projects and campaigns to set out, broadcasts to prepare et cetera. Finally making my content less boring… For which I will need more than my Praesens. Preferably before the WHO has completed its transition of power.

Help. Me. 🙂


16:43 (04:43 PM) CEST; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae


P.S. Do not allow any of “them” to commit suicide. They must testify before the public. This ends once and for all.

P.P.S. It is clear that the scale that I reach and the life I’m living do not make sense and that my political views play a role in this, right? I’m limited in my opportunities because of this (in contrast to if I would have jumped on the BLM train or the “unquestioning patriotism” (which is just as fascist as BLM) train, for example). So this is my last post. I will continue to rot and be left for dead in silence now.

Image by Sebastian Palomino from Pexels