What’s good, my meow? ♥
[ = “How are you doing?” ]

Here I am, back again with anotherrr diary post. Hoping that someone notices and publicly acknowledges my extraordinary potential.

People often ask me what I do and what I want. I guess my past writing hasn’t made that clear enough. (Just kidding haha they don’t even read me.)

I’ve also been hesitant with telling you my actual dream, because people say that what I want is impossible, every time I just give them a hint of what my ambition is. It hurts me when someone tells me that what I desire is not achievable, while I haven’t even received the opportunity to try it yet.

Being forced to take antipsychotics again because of my self-expression is what I fear. That’s why I haven’t shared this here in detail yet. But my dream is so awesomeee 😻 . (And you’ll see how much it suits exactly these days.) There must be people out there who do believe that anything is possible. I dedicate this (rapid because I was cooking and now it’s almost 9 🙁 ) description of my dream future to you:

The Fangs in Action

Many “inexplicable” natural catastrophes have been happening. It indicates that the end of the Dutch empire is near. The dykes will flood soon. Powerful Graeynissis will be in need of their personal Goddess.

The doorbell rings. I open the door and face my main Catje, who is wearing a black suit and a deep red tie. There are two security men behind him. His hands express nervousness. He says something like: “The end is near. We need you, my Goddess,” but then more loving and sexy.

He takes me to a conference room that looks like this:

Picture made by Thgusstavo

A lot of big business leaders are present. I sit at the head of the table and tell them how we are going to work together during these days. We form a cartel of all legally operating business entities. (Things like that being forbidden don’t matter anymore if we all risk to die.)

I then become the propagandist of all innocent people who will be blamed for the catastrophe the world is facing. I hold a speech for the world, saying that we will have to be strong blabla and give them survival instructions.

When all Dutch not illegally operating business entities are fused under the name of D.O.C.I.S. International, we do the same for every other country in the world. Starting from those who depend on the Netherlands the most to lesser, because the country can start to flood at any second.

The next day, I wake up next to my main Catje. We are preparing for the evacuation and are entitled to leave first, for we are the new leaders of the world. The Universal Standard of Human Reasoning decides who gets to live where.

And then the Fangia (D.O.C.I.S. Interational’s currency) is introduced et cetera 🙂 . And what children in school will learn will be: “There once was a system that was kept intact by bad people. That system collapsed because they were bad. With creativity, we can build a much better world.”

It’s sooo feasible, my meow 😻 .

Other Feels

Meooow I want to do something like that. What education program suits that dream? PoliBusiEcoMatheGeoNONE. But I’ll study mathematics in Antwerp, if I keep living days wishing in wistful vexatiousness, without money do to anything. I’m going to sign up on July 1st 😀 . Does anyone have an apartment for me there? 😀 (I’d rather go to Harvard or something (though I fear the competition and I am not a promising student at all because I don’t like to obey meoww I want to write books and learn what I feel like learning hehe but I’ll obey now because I’m getting too old for this and I still want at least one PhD), but my parents don’t want me to study abroad. (Remember what happened when I wanted to follow a Summer course in Atlanta?) I hope I can settle studying in Antwerp with DUO… (Jaaa echt fucking onnodig eigenlijk, die studieschuld. Maar ik kan dat gezeik over geld echt niet meer aan.)

Here are today’s example sentences:

Project Nosce Te Ipsum is an INTRICATE project with many layers.

Fangyism is mistaken for a DRACONIAN doctrine.

We should THWART the dykes from flooding naturally due to human recklessness. (To keep control over our own fate.)

To CULL a partner is not easy.

D.O.C.I.S. International is still in an INCHOATE state.

I will post more of them on Twitter later.

Today’s highlight tweets:

There are tooo many insane racist motherfuckers like that in this country. I want to live somewhere far away from this.

Ba dum tsssss.

I’m melting meow give me money please 🙁 .

And I uploaded my manuscripts to the Royal Dutch Library today 🙂 . Tomorrow I have another conversation at the “VIP team” [ = “Vroege Interventie Psychose” = “Early Intervention Psychoses”] meow I’m so ashamed that this is still happening and it’s not what I need 🙁 . I need Antwerp, because this continued ineffective psychiatric supervision is the result of the parental supervision I never needed. It has been a bad influence forever. What six-year-old says “holstrontverklontering”. I didn’t know that it’s not normal to say, because I hear shit like that every day.

Lol help.

I’m going to eat some more 🙂 .

See you tomorrow, around 9 PM 🙂 ♥

The featured image is made by Artem Beliaikin.